Endorsed by the SQA, the Standard is a three-part customer service concept tailored specifically to local areas:

  1. Participation in a day-long ‘Delivering Service Excellence’ workshop based on the 100k Welcomes programme; contact Anneliese if your staff have attended a customer service course in the past 12 months; it may qualify to fulfil this section.
  2. Completion of one of the local knowledge quizzes based around your local Standard’s area. Currently we have quizzes covering two area: St Andrews, and the East Neuk.
  3. An assessment period of 1-3 months in which employees implement their new service skills under supervision from managers.  At the end of this period evidence must be produced by the employees and validated by their supervisor, explaining how they have improved the service that they provide.

On successful completion of all three sections participants are awarded with a certificate and a Standard pin.